From Fibre Optics to Surround Sound

Your home entertainment and security are the elements of your home that can really enhance your home's safety, appeal and resale value. We've installed some pretty intense home theatre systems and some airtight security systems- both of which we are extremely proud. Get in contact with us to find out how we can turn your home into a secure, dialed-in palace.

We also do security lighting.

With our bucket truck, we can install, set up and maintain your outdoor lighting system, security system, motion sensing systems and more. Make sure that you are fully lit up at night and that your security systems are installed by the professionals at 3D Electrical Services Ltd. to get the most value for your security budget.

We're entering a new era.

From USB ports in your logically-placed receptacles to fully wired in-home and in-shop ethernet solutions, we make technology easy. We'll make your tech setup blindingly fast and ready to move forward. We love helping our clients create their smart homes.

...and all this at highly competitive rates.

We believe that creating happy clients is firmly rooted in great client relationships and finding the areas where we can save our clients money. Our rates are very competitive, we work fast and efficiently, and we love the work that we do. Technology is power, and we love helping homeowners and businesses create the highest-tech locations imaginable.

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